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Re: [greenyes] Josh Rosenfield and political opinions.

I agree with Eric, but with one difference.  I don't want to discuss any issues other than recycling on this list serv.

I have many interests and political views that have nothing to do with old newspapers, bottles or cans.  I have no intention of sharing those on this list and I hope others refrain from doing so as well.


>>> "Nelson, Eric" <Eric.Nelson@no.address> 08/04/03 02:24PM >>>
RE: From: "Josh Rosenfield" <JRosenfield@no.address> "nalgene/Animal Defense"

I object to the misappropriation of this resource to fatuous 
politicking, and would ask either that this abuse cease, or that it be
brought into the arena of informed discourse, where reasonable arguments and
thoughtful contradictory positions might be represented, and biases
forthrightly analyzed. 

George P. Dreckmann
Recycling Coordinator
City of Madison, WI

608-267-2626  FAX  608-267-1120

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.
  None but ourselves can free our minds."
                                                   Bob Marley


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