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[greenyes] Bottled Water

I currently work in the Public Works and Utilities Department for my
municipality. Here the policy in the past is that we make water, we do not
buy bottled water. In the past year the Utilities Director has lost this
argument. Employees are under the impression that the water we make is no
good, and bottle water is better because it is bottled. I have pointed out
many times that bottled water is not under the same strict regulations as
the tap water we produce. Most people are surprised, some even change
back.Education does work some times.

Has there been any studies on the effects of bottles and the soda that we
drink everyday? If there are chemicals leaching in to our bottled water,
are they not leaching into our acidic sodas as well?

How about the new aluminum bottles that are out there? I have seen some
Capri Suns bottled this way. It solves the issue of spillage and being able
to reseal the container.

 *Please note the change of email address*
Karen Hales
Recycling/Solid Waste Specialist

919-462-3873 voice
919-469-4304 fax

 Please Note
Email addresses for everyone at the Town of Cary are now:
first name <dot> last name at townofcary <dot> org.
For example: John.Staffer@no.address

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