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Re: [greenyes] Dell offers 99 cent computer recycling
David Wood posted:

"Take advantage of a limited time offer from Dell Computer to recycle
to three used computers (actually, 3 shipped units up to 50 lbs. per
unit) for 99 cents each!!"

Another option for computer savvy people is to build a new computer
with parts from your old one.  I recently did that and ended up throwing
away only the metal case from my old Gateway computer.  The PC store I
worked with used my old CRT monitor, old keyboard, old mouse, old CD R/W
drive, old CD RO drive, old hard drive, swapped my old memory for new
memory and used most of the old computer's parts that were unusable in
my new computer as replacement parts for repair orders.  This approach
not only saved a lot of material from going for disposal, it cost me
$400-600 less than buying a new computer at retail retail.  Essentially,
all I replaced was my case, power supply, mother board w/processor and
video board.  It might not have the latest bells and whistles, but the
environmental and monetary benefits were acceptable to me.

Wayne Turner

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