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[greenyes] ACT: National Bottle Bill is being introduced, needs Co-Sponsors
Here's an action for the 4th of July recess, when U.S. Senators 
come home to roost.
Senator Jeffords is getting ready to introduce his National 
Beverage Producer Responsibility Act - virtually identical to last 
year's (see )
He is actively contacting Senate Member offices over the 
next week or two in hopes of getting co-sponsors before 
introducing the bill (only after the bill is introduced will it be 
assigned a number).
If this issue is going to get any traction this year, it's incredibly 
important for these offices to be hearing from their constituents 
that this issue is important.  Any help you can provide would be 
As for Senators to target, here are 21 Senators that have either 
co-sponsored bottle bills in past Congresses or represent States 
with bottle bills.  
Former co-sponsors are Senators Snowe, Levin, Boxer, 
Feinstein, Harkin, Kennedy, Kerry, Leahy, Lieberman, Dodd, 
Schumer and Wyden.  
In addition, it is worth contacting bottle bill state senators (though 
some of these are obvious long shots): Senator Smith (OR), 
Collins (Maine), Stabenow (MI), Grassley (IA), Biden (DE), 
Carper (DE), Clinton (NY), Akaka (Ha), and Inouye (Ha).  Its 
particularly important to get a Republican co-sponsor, with 
Senators Snowe and Collins being the most likely candidates, 
though someone has mentioned Voinovich as being supportive as 
a gubernatorial candidate.  
Please give your Senators a call today.  Also, send them an email 
from www.action/ -- it will automatically send it to 
both of your U.S. Senators.

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