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Re: [greenyes] Glass versus Tetrapack
Is this a trick question?  While I understand that tetrapacks are 
recyclable, if there is no recycling infrastructure for them where you 
live, then they are merely disposable.  So the question becomes "is it 
better to use something disposable or something recyclable?"   Even 
weighing the environmental impacts of glass recycling (collection, 
remanufacture, etc.) against the one-time manufacture-then-disposal of 
tetrapacks, it still sounds like a no-brainer.  Am I missing something?

Sharon Gates
Recycling Specialist
City of Long Beach, California

"Margaret Parker" <parker@no.address>
06/30/2003 01:16 AM

        To:     <greenyes@no.address>
        Subject:        [greenyes] Glass versus Tetrapack

Where I live in The Netherlands I am able to buy fruit juice in either 
bottles or tetrapacks (there is no cost or quality difference to me).
We recycle glass but tetrapacks go in the general rubbish and therefore
presumably in a landfill.
My question is which is environmentally better in this situation glass or
tetrapack ?

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