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[greenyes] thoughts/questions on residence hall recycling
hello everyone-- I was in many of the residence halls on campus today, setting up donation boxes for student move-out.  I decided to check up on the trash/ recycling rooms, and while the recycling totes were generally full and being used, there was still a significant number of cans and bottles in the trash.   So I started thinking of how the trash and recycling is set up in the student's rooms, particularly the on-campus apartments.  All they have are trash barrels; they are supposed to seperate the recyclables out themselves, using a plastic bag, etc.  But it seems that many are not doing this. So I am wondering if it is worth the investment to buy seperate recycling containers/bags for the student's rooms.  And I'm thinking of just focusing on the apartment buildings right now, where they generate much more trash.  Does anyone else do this?  Has it improved recycling in the residence halls?  Do you find that if students are able to seperate items right in their apartment, they'll be more inclined to recycle and not toss half full jars of tomato sauce in the trash?!? Or would intensive education in these buildings work better? Any thoughts you would like to share will be appreciated. Take care,Michelle

Michelle Smith
Recycling Progam
Office of Environmental Health and Safety
Providence College
Providence, RI  02918

(401) 865-1881

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