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[greenyes] Glass and building
Hi Everyone.

My thanks to all who replied to my previous  "Recycling, jobs and food for
trash." post.

Now I need some specific info.  Somewhere on the net I saw a company (UK, I
think) who produces slabs for surface covering by roughly grinding glass and
combining it with some sort of resin, to create a kind of semi-opaque
coloured slab.  These are then used for flooring surfaces.  I have been
singularly unsuccessful in finding this site again.

So, does anyone know how to go about manufacturing something like this?
What kind of resin is used?

Also, does anyone know of other methods or products produced where recycled
glass is used as the base of construction material? Is it feasible to make
bricks from ground glass? Is this strong enough for use in housing?  Also,
does anyone have any other brick-making ideas? These bricks will be used in
home construction for underprivileged families.

Any help or info will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards

Jacques Grové
South Africa

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