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Re: [greenyes] Plastics News - Opinion Piece on state bottle bills, etc
Jenny has slightly misunderstood me.

In a sense the Brand-Owner is indeed the "consumer" of the supplier's services (in this case, the services provided by the container manufacturer). And in a sense, the Brand-owner is subject to the same advertising hype from would-be suppliers as any other consumer.

But it might be more useful to say that EPR programs that target the Brand Owner are similar to rules that might require householders to compost their yard waste rather than imposing it on the community waste management system. (Householders are, in a sense, "Producers" of yard waste.)

In both cases, the outcome would be that the responsible parties would look for alternatives. Brand-owners would seek markets for their end-of-life products (and redesign them to optimize their value at end of life) and householders would either install backyard composters, hire gardeners who had the capacity to compost off-site -- or turn to landscape design that generated less trimmings.

On Jenny's last point: the most effective bills are the ones that "target" the right person and thus unleash the chain of responses that allocates the responsibility appropriately. Normal market responses can do this much better than government rules that micromanage how products are to be managed.


At 12:24 PM 04/29/2003 -0400, Jenny Gitlitz wrote:
putting the responsibility
solely on the brand owners, retailers and consumers.

To my mind, the manufacturers are not "simply" compliant suppliers to the
brand owners.  The idea that container (or any other) companies just deliver
"what the consumer wants" ignores the influence of aggressive advertising
and marketing, and you can be sure that in this competitive industry,
marketing is at a fever pitch. Consumer demand--whether at the retail or
wholesale level, does not merely "exist;" it is continuously created and

In theory, the most effective bills would target all the parties along the
supply chain.


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