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[greenyes] Recycling: specific questions

I have some general questions and a specific one.

I was employed (a CETA grant) for two years doing full line Recycling in the community, schools, business etc. We did a special focus on educating people about source separation of 'High Grade' paper. The idea was to get people to only put 'clean' high grade into the collection bins. This means no 'Contaminants’; plastic, carbon paper,gummed labels. We also required separation of white and colored papers.

It has been awhile since I was doing this as an employee and now I am a volunteer. The Standards have in some cases changed for different grades of paper and source separation.

I have not been able to find any specific information about high grade paper recycling. The local sanitation company which is responsible for collection of paper is pathetically ignorant about this subject and does not even have an awareness of the difference between 'virgin fiber' and clay content, glossy paper items. I am aware that there are regional differences in collection and processing of 'paper' and this can add to the confusion of requirements/standards in source separation ect. I live in Oregon so would be most interested in information relevant to this area. Can you direct me to an in-depth source of information which deals with specifics about this subject.

My second question concerns plastic recycling. Again, there is as far as specific information very little available. The local garbage companies know virtually nothing about this topic so are useless as far as Source Separation facts and specific types of plastic recycling requirements.

I have been trying to find out if the translucent paper(it crackles) which often encloses bread inside the plastic bag is a pure cellophane type material or a plastic as far as Recycling category. Is it safe to burn or is this yet another land-fill item? So far, I have been able to obtain no relevant information.

I would be grateful for any information you can offer or direct me to about these topics.

Thank you, Demelza Costa Sweet Home, OR

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