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[greenyes] off-campus students/ move-out
Hello everyone-- We are in the process of coordinating drop off locations/donation boxes for the dorms at the end of the school year.  Most of what is thrown out by students at the end of the year includes clothes, books and food; there really is not any furniture or large items, since all residence halls are fully furnished and students rent fridges/microwaves.  But what I am concerned about is the large amount of "waste", particularly bigger items, like furniture, that off-campus students throw out. Has anyone had any experience with collecting these kinds of items from off-campus students?  Most off-campus students live in the 3 floor style buildings in the residential neighborhood around the college.  Has anyone set up a drop-off location?  Or do you just encourage them to donate items to local organizations?  I was hoping to get some feedback on what works/ what doesn't work before I jumped into anything. Thanks in advance! Michelle

Michelle Smith
Recycling and Waste Reduction Progam
Office of Environmental Health and Safety
Providence College
Providence, RI  02918

(401) 865-1881

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