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[greenyes] manual for solid waste franchise agreements?
We are looking for information on solid waste franchising.  Specifically, we were wondering if anyone has done or come across a manual or other information to help either municipalities or regional groups put together a solid waste franchise for their community?  This could include recycling or trash or both.  Searches on the internet have brought up a lot of agreements themselves which are helpful, and the California IWMB has some great info on what these agreements are, but not necessarily how to put them together.  Any leads would be great.  Thanks!  

Julia Wolfe
Commercial Waste Reduction Coordinator
MA Department of Environmental Protection
One Winter Street
Boston, MA  02108
Phone: 617-292-5987
Fax: 617-292-5778
 <mailto:julia.wolfe@no.address> julia.wolfe@no.address  

See the DEP business waste reduction website at:    <>


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