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Re: [greenyes] Single Stream - Reply to Follow on Questions

Interesting point.

Actually you can standardize containers without violating anti-trust rules,
however industry opposes it beause they do not want designs dictated  If
there were less glass and the plastics was a bit standardized, then we'd use
less energy, less resources, and improve recyclability of the plastics
stream.  But this is the real world.

another point: beverage containers are a tiny part of the waste stream by

However, has anyone ever studied what percentage of what people put at the
curb is beverage containers?]

And, has anyone looked at beverage containers by volume??

Just a thought outside the box.

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Sent: Friday, April 11, 2003 3:11 PM
Subject: RE: [greenyes] Single Stream - Reply to Follow on Questions

> Jumping in with both feet here:
> Why don't we just stop using glass containers?
> That way, the waste stream would be more homogeneous, processing would be
> simpler, plastic capture rates would increase (because it would be more
> widely used), and we'd have one less plate to juggle when it comes to
> educating the public.  Sure, weights would go down, but volume would go
> And heck, the glass container industry is an old dinosaur anyway.
> Who'd miss them?
> (I said both feet!)  Have a good weekend, Peter and GreenYessers!
> Terri
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> From: Peter Anderson [mailto:anderson@no.address]
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> Subject: [greenyes] Single Stream - Reply to Follow on Questions
> 1. Dave Hirshler replied to my posting about single stream with this
> comment: "There is no argument that with single stream recycling more will
> be put out by the residents, the easier the program,
> the more participation."
> The answer is that not only is there a question, in fact it is NOT true.
> had a posting on this subject last month, pointing out that the detailed
> study done by Eureka Recycling which actually tested for all parameters
> found that it was the selection of the large rolled cart that was
> responsible for greater capture rates, NOT single stream.  Again, this is
> another case, where the program's proponents are using gross
> oversimplifications that create an impression that is the opposite of the
> facts.  Indeed, if single stream is co-collected with garbage, people
> as the other postings have noted, become confused that it's all being
> trashed and recycle less.
> 2. Steve Hammer asks if much of the quality problems with single stream
> would be eliminated if glass were not part of the recycling program.
> That's a damn good question.  Clearly, Steve has put his finger on the nub
> of the matter: single stream effectively breaks all the glass to the point
> where it is no longer color sortable and its fragments get embedded into
> everything else.
> I think, though, that we'd need to ask this question a bit differently.
> Since glass is such a large fraction of the container weight, we'd suffer
> significant overall loss of recovery were we to JUST drop glass, and we'd
> need to make that up somewhere else in most cases.  For example, would
> residential mixed paper be added or, if it already has been, what else
> that be.  That needs to be determined first in order to assess how well
> single stream MRFs can sort that out.
> But, the bottom line answer tends to be yes.  Without glass, we have a
> potential pathway to not suffer from single stream's debilitating
> Peter
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