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Re: [greenyes] Sorry - as a general lurker - you've caught myattention.., Fast Food, GreenDot
Troy Glasner wrote:

".... why is it weird that corporations recycle their waste office
paper - but companies like McDonalds don't have "blue, and black bins"
for their recyclables - a ton of their cup tops could be recycled and
their fry, mcnugget and burger boxes could all be recycled - and I think
it is funny - but those old styrene containers that they got rid of -
are they not more recyclable than the burger wrap/wax papers?"

It's mostly about space.  Large fast food chains don't want to take up
valuable dining space and parting lot area with recycling containers. 
They operate on very thin margins and are quite sensitive to 'volume'
issues.  Anything that may reduce their volume of customers and sales is
a no-no.  On the positive side, almost all FF restaurants here in NC
where I live recycle the used cooking oils through a local by-products
recycling company.  Styrofoam containers, burger wrappers and such are
producto-non-grata, though since the markets are few and far between.


"How much do the fast food chains contribute to landfill every year - I
once heard that the golden arches senior officials thought that waste
was good because it filled in all of the mining pits."

In reality, I think most golden arch senior officials think waste is
good because it stokes the machinery of consumption, a key ingredient to
our economy.  Mining pits may have been an afterthought.


"Why is it so difficult for them to put in Waste containers that divide
materials - much of North American citizens divide daily - why can't
they???  Is there anything being done on this level? I know in Canada -
I've never seen a recycle bin in a fast food place - but I see recycle
boxes in shopping mall food courts all the time."

See response to first question above.

B. Wayne Turner
City of Winston-Salem
Utilities Division
phone: (336) 727 8418
email: waynet@no.address

"Experience is what allows us to recognize repeated mistakes."

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