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RE: [greenyes] "we don't really recycle, so why should I?"myth,
George wrote: One could consider writing financial penalties into one's
hauler contracts...

If a recycling hauler is also paid for collecting trash, or if a hauler is
paid by weight for collecting solid waste, then their contract already
contains a financial _dis_incentive to recycle, or a financial incentive to
create more trash.  I think that's step one in developing financial
penalties -- remove the "penalties" for recycling.

-- terri 

PS: I agree with Steve -- the myth is generated and strengthened because it
is all-too-often true.  
I'm burned out and jaded, but I'm sick and tired of being the only one in my
building who brings a can recycling box to a picnic out back, or the fact
that cardboard recycling is not in our janitorial contract because I didn't
put it there....I wrote the mandatory participation policy letter, but
sometimes I feel like it only applies to me!

<<kicking the soapbox on to the next person>>

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There have been cititations issued for this here in Portland.  Haulers are
franchised and it's written into their contract as a penalty.
Do not know the number of citations issued for trashing source seperated
recycling materials, but it would represent only those instances where the
hauler was discovered.

>>> "George Dreckmann" <GDRECKMANN@no.address> 04/09/03 11:49AM >>>

Regarding recyclables being tossed in the trash by haulers.....  I guess
that's one big advantage of having public employees do the work.  They are
better paid, as a rule, and more likely to do the job right.  

When our staff does screw up, we follow up, with warnings and suspensions if
necessary.  Fortunately, we have never had to suspend an operator for
repeatedly tossing recyclables in the trash.  We have, issued more than a
few warnings in the 15 years we have been at it.

One could consider writing financial penalities into one's hauler contracts,
but then you would have to be willing to track down voilators.



George P. Dreckmann
Recycling Coordinator
City of Madison, WI

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