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Re: [greenyes] PVC tubing Vs Copper tubing?
Here's a response from a co-worker:

Joli:  My take on this question.  Feel free to post:
All the lit I've read on low tox plumbing agrees that cross linked polyethylene or PEX is the best option.  Of all the plastics used for plumbing, polyethylene is the least toxic and does not impart any perceptible taste to the water.  Several PEX manufacturers are battling it out for the lions share of the PEX market. Two firms seems to be leading here in Portland:  RTI (my favorite and the type that I install)  RTI uses brass fittings and transitions and a proprietary stainless steel clamp system that requires a $100 tool.  Some folks might worry about the presence of lead in the brass fittings, but the number of fittings used is usually quite low.  Wirsbo uses plastic (brass fittings are also available too) and a proprietary plastic expansion ring to hold the joints together and requires a $200 tool (that is a pectoral work out when you have to assemble any joints larger than 3/4").  Wirsbo assembly is more technique sensitive and as a result requires a couple hours of instruction to be trained on it's installation,  while RTI is idiot-proof.  Both firms products and technical bulletins can be found on the web.  

Bryce Jacobson
Associate Solid Waste Planner (and unlicenced residential plumber)
Metro Solid Waste and Recycling

Joli Pfaller
Recycling Information Specialist

>>> "Pete Pasterz" <ppasterz@no.address> 04/09/03 06:16AM >>>

You definately have to see the film "Blue Vinyl" which shows the horrific health effects of PVC on the production workers.    Not to mention the extreme toxicity of PVC fumes in house fires!

go to for more information.

>>> "ALL WAYS RECYCLE" <awrecycl@no.address> 04/08/03 04:56PM >>>
Greetings greenyes,

I am getting ready to remove all the galvanized plumbing from my home. I
would like to know if there are any alternatives to PVC or Copper? Also, if
there are no alternatives which one is better, from a health perspective?

Thank you for your time.

Mike Dabroski
"Recycling For Your Child's Future"



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