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[greenyes] Compostable Plates, Etc.
Hello Everyone,

I have been hired to try to make the 2003 Kaslo Jazz Etc. Festival a zero
waste event. I want to thank all members of the list who have posted info on
compostable plates, etc. I have followed up on your posts.

My problem seems to be that while such events have occurred in the U.S.,
very few if any have happened in Canada.

Therein lies my dilemma. The particular products mentioned in previous posts
seem to be unavailable in Canada. One reason I have been given by the
industry is that there has been no demand.

So I want to make the Kaslo Jazz Etc. Festival ( a
pilot project for our area of the world.

If any readers have names of contact persons that I could talk with, it
would be much appreciated.

Also please e-mail me with any of your personal experiences with the various
types of compostable utensils, whether it is Earth Shell, EnviroWare, etc.

My thanks for any assistance.

Michael Jessen
Zero Waste Services
5635 Highway 3A
Nelson, BC V1L 6N7 Canada
Office Phone: 250/229-4621
Home Phone: 250/229-5632
Fax: 775/587-9838
E-mail: zerowaste@no.address

"If you're not in favour of Zero Waste, how much waste are you in favour

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