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[greenyes] Thinking outside the box
Just a few random thoughts on a rainy day:

When people talk about collecting recyclables every other week, why don't
they collect trash on the alternating weeks?  That would really save some

Why don't we provide residents with 95-gallon wheeled cans for recycling
collection, and 16-gallon trash cans?  I know my recycling weighs more than
my trash -- why doesn't everybody's? 

Does New York City's 5-cent deposit include glass and plastic bottles?  And
if so, then is it really necessary to include them in the curbside program?
Are New Yorkers really all so wealthy that they just toss 30 cents away on
each 6-pack of beer?  And aren't there scavengers on the city streets who
are helping solve this problem?  Or is it not worth it for them, either?

Oh, and for Wayne, who asked about traffic lights and Exit signs - you're
right, they are on all the time, and there are also an awful lot of them!
It may seem like a small thing, but it can still make a difference, and it
would be nice to think we have already captured all the "low-hanging fruit"
and can now move on to the next step.  I've read somewhere (EPA's Energy
Star page?) that high-efficiency  traffic lights can last 3 - 5 times
longer, thus being safer as well as less expensive over time.

That's all.

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