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[greenyes] Waste hauling, reduction, and management services opportunity
Dear waste/recycling community:

Under a Mass DEP supported waste reduction
pilot project, The Lemuel Shattuck Hospital (a Department of Public Health
Hospital), is seeking the services of a contractor to eliminate, reduce,
re-use, recycle and (as a last resort) dispose of all wastes and recyclable
materials generated at the Hospital's Complex.  The contracting model being
employed, called "Resource Management" (see or for more info), is a
strategic sourcing partnership in which the Hospital wishes to collaborate
closely with the selected vendor to meet the Hospital's goals, while
creating value for both parties through improved resource efficiency.

The request for responses (RFR) and accompanying documents can be found by
following the link below:


Note that you are encouraged to submit an intent to bid to the RFR primary
contact by Wednesday, March 26, 2003 (please see RFR).

NOTE: waste reduction advocates and others - if you know of a contractor who
may be interested, please forward this to them.

We hope you choose to respond to this solicitation! 


Alison MacNeil
Acting Director of Contracts Management 
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital

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