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Re: [greenyes] Information Desemination
In Oregon, we have an annual conference.  The Association of Oregon Recyclers (AOR) sponsors this.  The conference has been an annual, ongoing event since 1976, when (then) Governor Tom McCall was keynote speaker.
Traditionally this conference has been held in autumn.
This year's conference is June 20-21 in Eugene.

The conferences allow for socializing, ninety-minute workshops and speakers.
Awards are given in many catagories.

Joli Pfaller
Recycling Information Specialist

>>> "Todd R. Coy" <tcoy@no.address> 03/26/03 08:48AM >>>
Hello Everyone:

What types of conferences does the members of this group as well as
other p2 groups attend for disseminating information?

Are these conferences local, national, or both?

Does anyone have a list?




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