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[greenyes] plastic code laws status?
Please excuse cross-postings.

Dear Colleagues,
  This is a poll to learn what states/provinces passed the plastic resin 
codes into law, what states/provinces did not, and especially, any 
states/provinces that passed laws instituting the code--then repealed those 
  This poll is a project of the CA Resource Recovery Assn.  We would like to 
hear from representatives of ALL states/provinces to know the status of 
plastic code laws now.

  Brief background:  Plastic resin codes of #1 to #7 surrounded by chasing 
arrows were proposed by plastics industry in late 80's, and adopted as law by 
about 39 states.  The codes are placed on the bottoms of all rigid plastic 
containers (bottles, tubs, trays, etc) of 8 oz. capacity or higher.  While 
the codes are intended (per plastics industry) to help recycling operators in 
identifying and sorting plastics for recycling, they have caused ongoing 
problems for recyclers because of the subliminal message conveyed by the 
chasing arrows symbol incorporated into the codes.  The message is that ALL 
plastic containers are made of recycled plastic and/or CAN BE recycled.
  Most members of this list are familiar with this topic which has been 
discussed many times.  CRRA would like to revisit this issue in terms of 
current laws on the books in US states (Canadian provinces are also 
encouraged to respond).
  We would like to hear from every state/province, whether they have the law, 
don't have it, or had it then repealed it.
  Many thanks to all responders.

Gretchen Brewer
San Diego
for CRRA  

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