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Re: [greenyes] Landfill Fees Info Requested
I have three suggestions.

BioCycle publishes a special review article called "The State of Garbage in
America."  The latest version that I am aware of was published Dec. 2001 and
includes a data of average tipping fee rates for year 2000.  You can check
with them to see if a later version of this review has been published

The next option is try to locate through your inter-library loan system a
college or university library that has a subscription to Solid Waste Digest.
They publish monthly tipping fees for solid waste disposal facilities in
various regional editions.  If necessary, you can contact them directly at:

Finally, you can utilize the following list of state environmental agencies
to locate the websites of those states for which you need data:

Search the site to see if they maintain a data listing of facility tipping
fees.  If not, they will usually have an online telephone directory which
will usually include the telephone numbers of the office that regulates
disposal facilities.  Give them a call and try to find someone who knows
these fees.

Roger M. Guttentag

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From: Jess Rajotte Wozniak <jessicaraj@no.address>
To: <greenyes@no.address>
Sent: Friday, February 28, 2003 6:55 AM
Subject: [greenyes] Landfill Fees Info Requested

> Greetings!
> I am a graduate student at Umass at Amherst and my thesis is looking a
particular state recycling policy, which will be used to propose a bill in
Massachusetts.  I am looking for very specific information to finish up my
thesis.  I am looking for average waste disposal facility tipping fees in
the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Nevada, Wisconsin,
Oregon, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I don't mind if it is
just Landfill or Incinerator or both - at this point I have nothing. It
would be really great if I had the information for FY02 but any information
from 2000 until now is very useful for my research.  Also, if there is any
information about average recycling tipping fees for these states that would
be very useful too.
> I am concluding my research by March 14 so that I can begin writing over
spring break.  If anyone can point me in the right direction, through
reports, articles, contacts, websites, etc. that would be wonderful and much
appreciated.  Also, as you can imagine, I need full citation information.  I
don't have access to a fax, so please contact me via email at
jessicaraj@no.address or by snail mail.
> Thank you for any assistance you may give.
> Jessica L. Rajotte Wozniak
> c/o Center for Public Policy and Administration
> University of Massachusetts
> 412 Thompson Hall
> Amherst, MA 01003

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