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[greenyes] 22 Landfills Test High for Radiation
22 Landfills Test High for Radiation
 New questions are raised over policy that allows disposal of low- level
radioactive waste.

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By Miguel Bustillo, Times Staff Writer

A test of 50 California trash dumps found that 22 contained unusually
high levels of radiation, state environmental officials disclosed
Wednesday, raising new questions about a state policy that until
recently allowed mildly radioactive waste to be disposed of at local
State environmental health officials immediately cautioned that more
testing was needed and that some of the radiation may come from natural
mineral deposits near the landfills, or from relatively benign sources
such as the glow-in-the-dark exit signs commonly seen in movie theaters.
Of the 26 landfills with a lining to prevent waste pollution from
leaking into ground-water supplies, measurements at 16 exceeded maximum
drinking-water safety standards,1,2025819.story

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