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[greenyes] Sharon Gates' Question
My articles language is not be as clear as a good editor would like.  But
the language in those sections about which Sharon Gates had questions refers
to reductions from waste management activities, which in the context in
those sections means the waste management stage of a product's life cycle
itself plus the upstream resource extraction & manufacturing stage.  By that
point in the article it didn't seem necessary to discuss the waste
management stage and the extraction/processing stages separately.

If readers of this listserve have additional questions you can address them
to me offline at my email address given below.  I'll reply to the full
listserve when that seems necessary and useful in helping to understand the
complexities of life cycle analysis.

Jeffrey Morris, Ph.D.
Sound Resource Management - Durham
2219 Whitley Drive
Durham, NC 27707

WA: 360-319-2391
NC: 919-401-4444

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