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[greenyes] 70 Mercury product bills in 23 states
Some 70 bills and resolutions have been introduced so far in 23 state
legislatures on mercury-containing products. Most popular are bans on the
sale on fever thermometers, while other bills cover bans on the sale of
thermostats, requirements for auto manufacturers to set up programs to
recycle the mercury switches in hoods and trunks, labeling of
mercury-containing products, bans on landfilling products with mercury,
requirements for local government to set up Clean Sweep programs for mercury
products, and fees on the sale of fluorescent lamps with mercury to fund
recycling programs. 

For a email copy of a listing and description of these bills, please contact
me. Also available is a list of bills considered and adopted in the
2001-2002 session, which also includes some ordinances adopted by cities and
counties on mercury products. 

John Reindl, Recycling Manager
Dane County, Wisconsin 

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