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[greenyes] Monthly Member Posting FAQ
This is the GreenYes Monthly Member Posting FAQ.
It is posted the second Tuesday of every month.
Welcome new GreenYes members!

Posting Rules:
A. Use text only.

B. Graphics, attachments, and html are not allowed.
     In fact, they are automatically stripped from your message.
     If what you see in your post looks drastically different or ugly,
     take a look at this url to learn more about text posting:

C. Please quote only the important part(s) of any reply.
     REMOVE quoted footers and large blocks of text
     are not germain to your reply.

D. Advertising is limited to 
     zero waste, recycling, and environmental
     events, classes, conferences, and government,
     non-profit and non-commercial website debuts.
E. Crossposting to other email lists is certainly allowed.
    Crossposting to _newsgroups_ is prohibited.

F. Digest members please remember to:
     1. Post to greenyes(at)
         the subject field in any reply.

Subscription Information:
Please subscribe and unsubscribe yourself at this easy link: It's totally painless, really.
Please do not depend on me to subscribe or unsubscribe you
unless your old email is no longer accessible to you. I do not
check for this type of traffic daily.

These are the most important rules.
More details are available at this link:

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