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[greenyes] Fwd: 3-26-03 Office Max & Office Depot paper protests

From: "Liz Butler" <liz@no.address>
Delivered-To: mailing list empowering_democracy@no.address
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 10:07:42 -0500
Subject: [empowering_democracy] March 26 2003 National Day of Action against Forest Destroyers Destructive Duo, Office Max and Office Depot.

National Day of Action against Forest Destroyers Destructive Duo, Office
Max and Office Depot, March 26 2003!

Citizens Demand They Meet or Beat Staples' Commitment to Protect Forests

Get involved Wednesday March 26! Organize an action targeting the
Destructive duo, Office Max or Office Depot.

Our forests continue to be destroyed for paper. Nearly 5 million acres
of  Southern forests are destroyed every year to make paper. The paper
industry is the largest single industrial wood consumer in the US and in
the world. 1/3 of the trees logged in our national forests are turned
into pulp. Office paper products also contain old growth forests - such
as majestic 1000 year old Douglas fir's from the Pacific Northwest or
Canada's Great Bear Rainforest.

Now that the dust has settled on last November's announcement of
Staples' major environmental policy, activists are taking up two new
targets to ensure these changes ripple through the office supply
industry: Office Max and Office Depot.  Office Max has over 1000 stores
and is a 5 billion dollar company. Office Depot also has over 1000
stores and is an 11 billion dollar company.

Everyday, these companies are destroying forests by continuing to sell
paper coming from endangered forests like the Southern U.S., the Boreal
Forests of Canada and US public lands. They also continue selling paper
with minimal post-consumer recycled content. Until Office Max and Office
Depot stop selling our forests, the devastation continues.

We must demand that Office Depot and Office Max stop destroying forests.
We call on them to go beyond Staples' forest policy and implement the

*Immediately phase out paper products originating from Endangered
Forests, including the world's last remaining ancient forests, National
Forests and other US public lands, Boreal forests and forests of the
Southern U.S.
*Achieve an average of at least 30% post-consumer recycled content for
all the paper sold, and work towards 50% post-consumer average in the
near future.
*Make available 100% post-consumer recycled paper and paper that is made
from agricultural fiber in all stores and other points of sale.
*Educate all employees, customers, and suppliers on the benefits of
recycled paper, recycling, and the availability of alternative fibers.
*Work with their suppliers to end destructive forest practices,
including the conversion of natural forests to single species
plantations and the use of genetically engineered organisms.


Get involved! Help Protect our Forests. Organize for the March 26
National Day of action targeting the destructive duo, Office Max and
Office Depot.

Please Join us in putting the pressure on Office Max and Office Depot!
On March 26, visit
a store near you ( &, deliver
letters, get creative, hold a demonstrations, picket, and contact the
local media! Tell them to stop selling endangered forests!

Contact us immediately to get help planning your event and information
about the campaign. Also, let us know that you're planning an event so
we can track where actions are happening.

It's time to convince the entire office supply industry to stop
destroying our forests!

For More Info:
Bill Holland, bill@no.address, 415-863-4577
Kelly Sheehan, kelly@no.address, 828-251-2525
Liz Butler, liz@no.address, 202-487-4908

Office Max info: Headquarters: 216-921-6900 (press 0 for operator or 2 then 3 for customer service) toll free customer service: 800-283-7674, press 1.

Office Depot info: 1-800-937-3600 (customer relations extension 80987),

Liz Butler
Organizing Director/ForestEthics
*202-299-9075 ph*/ 202-487-4908 cell
509-471-6884 fx/ liz@no.address
*1752 Columbia rd NW 4th floor*
Washington,DC 20009
*Please make note of new office number and address*

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