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[greenyes] Zealots
Does anyone out there have a freindly name for those overzealous
recyclers who cannot seem to comprehend that what the sign says is
actually what is accepted?
For instance guy A comes to your local drop off where a bin is clearly
#1 & #2 plastic bottles only, and proceeds to deposit every flavor of
plastic 3's, 5's, cd cases, styrofoam....and justifies this by the
classic arguement "well it has the recycling arrows on the bottom"
Then goes over to the Corrugated Cardboard Only bin and fills it with
chip board, looks like cardboard to me....
Eventually the guy has contaminated every bin on your site and goes home
to tell his girlfriend he has recycled everything in the house, and
isn't it great we have such a comprehensive drop-off in town. He is also
quite proud that HE was able to figure the signage out so well that in
fact the drop off will even accept a couch if you can stuff it in the
textiles recycling bin, but if you can't, he'll tell you it goes with
scrap metal. Just think of all the nails and springs in it...they're

We all know the guy intimately, in fact he is just one of a golden horde
of "complete recyclers" that unknowingly wreak havoc on sorting lines
across the globe, but he has no name. Or does he?
You might call him an idiot, perhaps something with a litter more
"french" added in for emphasis, or maybe illiterate.

All suggestions would be useful...and hopefully humorous!


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