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[greenyes] Plastic pumps, nozzles, etc., in packaging
Dear GreenYes-ers:

I profile companies investors who are concerned about companies' social and
environmental impacts.

I am currently researching a company that makes pumps (the finger pumps on
moisturizer), dispensing closures (as found on plastic ketchup bottles), and
aerosol valves (the nozzle on a spraypaint can for example).

I am interested in the opinion of the recycling community of this sort of

	What are the impacts of products like these on recycling programs?

	Are there any companies out there that take back, or have any other
kind of Extended Producer Responsibility programs for, this type of product
or something comparable?

	Are there any resources out there that try to set a reasonable
standard for the environmental responsibilities of the packaging industry?

Thank you very much for your time.

Sam Warren
Research Analyst
KLD Research & Analytics, Inc.
530 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA 02210

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