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[GreenYes] garbage/recycling alternate pickups
apologies for crossposting

I got the following inquiry from Anne Lankenau (alankenau@no.address) in
Sitka, Alaska. Can you anyone pass on any leads to her?  She's not on
the listserve, so email to her directly.


Brenda Platt
Institute for Local Self-Reliance

My question is actually simple. I am trying to find out what
cities/towns/communities have a pick-up recycling program where they
between garbage and recycling pick-up. This means that garbage and
recycling are collected every other week with one week for ?garbage? and

the next for recycling. We are considering such a schedule because we
have only one truck and driver to pick up each week. We have heard
that Eugene, Oregon, and Friday Harbor, Washington, use the same
schedule, but we are wondering if there are other communities doing
this as well. If you are unable to give us this information, we would
appreciate it if you could give us some ideas of where else to ask.
<end quote>

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