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Re: [GreenYes] Computer Recycling

I have copied Sid Morris of  Electronic Products Recycling (EPR) in to this
memo. Sid can tell you more.

Mark Bartlett
Canadian Auto Workers
Environmental Specialist
DaimlerChrysler Windsor Assembly Plant
Ph-519-561-9405 (T/L 833-9405)

                      Michael & Susan                                                                      
                      Kramer                   To:       GRRN list serve <greenyes@no.address>               
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                      com>                     Subject:  [GreenYes] Computer Recycling                     
                      01/27/2003 11:21                                                                     

I noticed the following from Waste Age Wire:
"EPA Challenges Corporations to Help Recycle Electronics Washington --
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has accelerated the drive
toward a multi-corporation approach to electronic recycling (e-cycling)
in the United States by launching its Plug-In to Recycling Campaign, a
partnership with several
electronics manufacturers.  The goal of the campaign, which was
announced at the Consumer Electronics Show, held Jan. 9 through 12 in
Las Vegas, was the  launch site for the EPA's is to increase the
national recycling rate from 30 percent to 35 percent and to cut the
generation of 30 harmful chemicals by 2005. Dell, Sony Corp., Panasonic
and AT&TWireless are among the early supporters of the EPA's recycling
drive, and selected Best Buy stores will create drop-off sites for some
electronics. According to Dell's Web site, the company will take back
any brand of computer for recycling."

I looked up Dell and Sony to get their specific info on their recycling
program.  Has anyone out there ever investigated the electronic/computer
companies recycling programs, if there are any.  Since my community does
not recycle computers ( presently at least), it would be beneficial to
know of programs available so that indivduals could recycle if so
Any input is appreciated.  Thanks.
Susan Kramer
Pinedale, Wyoming

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