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[GreenYes] Reducing toner cartridge use
Hi All,

I was in the toner cartridge recycling business for 12 years.

There is indeed a printer setting in one of the set-up menus to reduce the amount of toner used.  In those days I think it was still called "draft mode".

I have to look again in windows, but I think there is a similar option in the File-Print window, depending on the version of windows and the model of printer you have, that allows you to select this mode before you print a document.

In effect, this reduces the resolution slightly by putting down less "fill" in the typeface and therefore saves toner.

Another way to approach this is to print with a smaller font size, if you can still read the document.  Smaller font size will also save toner.

Kim Springer
Recycling Specialist
Town of Hillsborough
City of Burlingame

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