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[GreenYes] re: Wholesaler Produce Compost question
Is anyone aware of a produce wholesaler composting food waste? One =
located in the NE would be preferable.  Thanks!=20
Susan Bush

The NYC Economic Development Corportation (EDC), a quasi-governmental corporation tasked with supporting development in NYC is currently reviewing 6 proposals for composting facilities at the Hunts Point Terminal Market in the South Bronx (land is owned by EDC and leased to wholesalers).  5 of the proposals are for in-vessel compost facilities, while the 6th proposal is for an anareobic digester.  The Hunts Point Terminal Market handles (or so I've been told repeatedly) approximately 80% of the region's produce and 40% of the meat (I believe the region refers to the CT, NJ, NY tri-state region).  This terminal market takes up about a third of the 1 sq. mile or so area of the Hunts Point peninsula in the South Bronx.  Further, the South Bronx handles about a third of NYC's residential and commercial putrescible and C&D throughput at some of the nations worst waste transfer stations through the use of at least 11,000+ truck trips per day.

Sounds appetizing doesn't it.  The community and others are working to alleviate the City's many solid waste shortcomings, but it's one hell of a fight.

Timothy J.W. Logan
Urban Infrastructure Coordinator, NYC Environmental Justice Alliance (NYCEJA)
Techical Advisor, Organization of Waterfront Neighborhoods (OWN)
Chair, NYC Waste Prevention Coalition (NYC WPC)

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