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Re: [GreenYes] SUV's and Bush Administration
John Waddell wrote:

"This is off topic (recycling and solid waste) but had to put my two cents in. 
 I drive a Ford Thunderbird.  It gets about 22 mpg combined city/highway 
driving.  I don't know what Jesus would drive."

Another 2 cents?

Thanks for sharing, John.  I carpool to work each day with a friend, but he drives a City owned SUV - landfill engineer.  And yes, it makes for some interesting conversations during the drive.

Last time I saw Jesus, he was driving a 1960's VW van with bumper stickers that read, 'Mean people suck', 'Hate is not a family value', and 'Don't blame me, I voted for God'.  I ignored the gun rack in the back window since there was a shepherd's crook in it.


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