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[GreenYes] Comments Requested - EPA's Draft Strategic Plan
Please forward to other interested parties.  I apologize for for

 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is developing its new FY
 2003-2008 Strategic Plan to serve as the Agency's road map for the next
 5 years.

 We welcome comments from all interested parties, see
 <> to review the Plan
 and submit comments.

 Our Strategic Plan will lay out EPA's five long-term goals and guide us
 in establishing the annual goals we will need to meet along the way. It
 will help us to measure how far we have come towards achieving our
 goals and to recognize where we need to adjust our approaches or
 directions to achieve better results. Finally, it will provide a basis
 from which EPA's managers can
 focus on the highest priority environmental issues and
 ensure that we use taxpayer dollars effectively.

 Thank you!

 Timonie Hood
 U.S. EPA Region 9
 75 Hawthorne St. (WST-7)
 San Francisco, CA  94105

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