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[GreenYes] E-waste recycling
Can anyone on the Listserv help or point me in the right direction.
I 'm doing research on e-waste disposal activities.  I am looking for tools
and information necessary to help public and private entities properly
manager e-waste.  
I was wondering what is available in the way of BMP's for different programs
such as:
One day collection events
HHW Programs
Curbside Collection
Collection at a Solid Waste Facility

And if you have any contract language or guidelines for e-waste collection
such as:
Questions in an RFP
Evaluating recycling/ management methods
Determining contractor environmental compliance.

Also if there are any operations manuals, standard operation procedures,
BMP's and safety guidelines used by you or your recyclers.

Thanks for your time.


Robert Kupps
Western Regional Pollution Prevention Network
C/O County of Santa Clara P2 Program
1735 N. 1st. Street, Suite 275
San Jose, CA 95112
408-441-1195 ex 4452
Fax 408-441-0365 

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