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RE: [GreenYes] Scientific Breakthrough Liberates Energy Users from Fossil Fuel
It would not be surprising if I confirmed that I agree wholeheartedly with the author 
below - but it may be of value to also look at what we need the energy for - hydrogen 
will probably be good for, say, transport - as could compressed air, for example... and 
we could use tidal and energy for critical applications; the wind, solar thermal and 
micro hydro for other uses, etc...

we should also remember to keep in mind that nothing works better than efficiency - 
demand side management can, utilising today's technology, lead to 50% reduction in 
usage with no loss of quality, and in many instances, people are reporting reductions 
of numbers well into the 80%'s.... another factor is that the selling of electricity (and of 
course, other energy carriers) to us is a business, so it is NOT in the interests of 
utilities and local government (here in SA) for people to use less, as it is an income 

a frightening number I came across recently - the total energy (this time, in the form 
of electricity) used in the EU just for standby purposes (TV's and the like) is greater 
than the total consumption of South Africa!!! (and we have one of the least energy 
efficient economies in the world!!)

food for thought?

kind regards

On 16 Dec 2002 at 15:56, wrote:

> Peter, You are right, and you are wrong. There is no perpetual motion
> machine, so you are entirely correct about the law of thermo dynamics
> (energy is never gained or lost, just changed into a different form).
> HOWEVER... I don't want you to get misguided into thinking that fuel
> cells run on hydrogen which was seperated from water through solar or
> wind (or some other form of clean energy) is not possible. In fact,
> this technology already works. -- If I were a carbon-pusher I would
> try and convince the environmental community that there is no solution
> to creating clean, abundant and entirely sustainable energy for our
> country. But there is. It's all very simple science, if you want to
> understand it. -- If you do nothing else, read THE HYDROGEN ECONOMY by
> Jeremy Rifkin. It explains the technolgy as well as the politics
> behind it. -- We are at a critical point in the history of this
> country. ! We are being led down the wrong path by a government that
> represents the special interests of a small group of people invested
> into "traditional" energy (traditional - for lack of a better word).
> They will use our kids as cannonfodder to keep holding on to their
> profits, they will continue to poison our planet and threaten our
> health, and they will tax us to build infrastructure so that they can
> continue to keep us dependent on a commodity that they will sell us!
> And they will fight anything and anyone that gets in the way of their
> profits. You will hear a lot of misinformation about hydrogen (as you
> have been hearing about other issues recently). Solar energy and fuel
> cells have helped us explore the solar system, and have helped us
> travel to the moon and back. You know they will run a house or a car,
> if they can run a spacecraft. It's up to you to get your own
> information. HYDROGEN WORKS! It's the only positive future we can
> create for ourselves!!! I am no longer on green-! yes (too much
> e-mail), but would be happy to communicate on t! his issue with anyone
> who may be interested. I'm at <>. Please read the
> book! I don't agree with the proposition that biomass is clean (only
> renewable, and I'm a purist!), but I go along with 95% of what Jeremy
> Rifkin has to say. Hope this makes you curious! READ, people! Mischi 
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