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Re: [GreenYes] request for book referral
One of the best books I've seen that gives both the big picture on 
environmental problems you mentioned, and great examples of solutions being 
implemented around the world is Eco Economy: Building an Economy for the 
Earth, by Lester Brown, former head of Worldwatch Institute, now head of 
Earth Policy Institute (

You can order the book online for $16, or download all chapters in PDF for 
free.  Many other excellent resources are available for download at the site. 
 I found this book very heartening because it presents the view that a 
paradigm shift to more wise care of the earth is essentially inevitable (& 
governments will be the last to know).

Lester Brown's talk on this book is often aired on C-SPAN 2 on weekends, when 
the station becomes BOOK TV - 48 hours of non-fiction books.  This, too is a 
great resource (for book-lovers).  You can look up schedule of book events, 
or books featured at:

Another great resource for the types of references you want is Worldwatch Inst
itute.  I don't have their URL handy, but am sure you can find through search 

Good luck,
Gretchen Brewer
Earth Circle
San Diego
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