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Re: [GreenYes] request for book referral

I'm sure other people will have many great suggestions, but I personally enjoyed David Suzuki's book Earth Time Essays, which covers a variety of environmental topics. Perhaps to balance out Earth Time Essays, he recently published Good News for Change (with another author whose name escapes me at the moment), which provides case studies and examples of some of the good work happening around the world. Even if these books don't exactly meet your needs, they will certainly provide great information and maybe even a bit of inspiration :)

Sue Beazley

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>Subject: [GreenYes] request for book referral
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Dear fellow tree huggers..... I am looking for a single book that gives a thorough overview of the ways in which human activity is harming the global and local environment - covering global warming, pollution, resource depletion, industrial agriculture, etc. A book that covers solutions as well would be heaven sent. Any recommendations? (I am designing an environmental education program for T&C employees, and want a text to which I can refer and to round out my own knowledge base.) Thanks so much!!  . . . .Greenly, Sue

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