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Greenyes/M. Lingenfelter:

My memory is of one study several years ago  that detailed that cost of the bag at $0.047 each,  thus the nickel should be sufficient for the store to justify the refund because it itself saves that nickel. Can't cite the study tho it may have appeared in Waste Age. there is some value to the bag in the recycling mix at least here in NC, they call for it to be placed w/  OCC therefore, always has a positive value, Therefore, I don't know how to comment on the 'cost' of recycling the bag. The large version of these bags typically hold more than a plastic bag (the other day the checkout clerk gave me seven plastic bags for ten items, no kidding. Thus comparing one to one unless there's a volume reduction factor, does not give a true comparison of that alternative.


Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 01:55:06 -0700
From: "" <>
Subject: [GreenYes] Grocery Bags

I received the following request and don't have the exact stats he's looking
for. Do others? -- "I'm looking for a study done on or information leading
to clear statistics on the cost of a traditional brown paper bag, what it
costs to recycle that bag, and how much money is saved if the consumer is
convinced to reuse that bag at the store of purchase. I am putting together
a presentation to encourage the grocery store I work at to return 5 cents
for every bag that is returned and reused.  Thank you." Rome Lingenfelter
(You can answer direct to

Susan Kinsella


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