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[GreenYes] URGENT: Public Comments Needed for 2005 Guidelines for Designand Construction of Hospital and Health Care Facilities
Title: URGENT:  Public Comments Needed for 2005 Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospital and Health Care Facilities
Apologies for cross-postings.  Please circulate widely.

The 2005 Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospital and Health Care Facilities revision process begins with a period of public submission of proposed changes to the 2001 document.

The public proposal period is from 1 October to 31 December 2002.

All proposals must be made on the official proposal form, a copy of which can be accessed at the AIA web site: and preferably done electronically.
(The required form will be on the website by 1 October 2002.)


In April 2001 the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Facilities Guidelines Institute (FGI) introduced the 2001 edition of the Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospital and Health Care Facilities. The Guidelines are referenced by architects, engineers, and health care professionals throughout the United States and in other countries who are planning new or renovated health care construction. Authorities in 42 states, the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, and several federal agencies use the Guidelines as a reference code or standard when reviewing construction designs and plans and completed health care facilities.

Why is this an Urgent Request?:

Currently there is nothing in the 2001 Guidelines regarding green building, reuse, recycling, C&D, grey waster reuse, design space for waste technologies and disposal containers and service on loading docks, or issues inside a facility as they relate to space for recycling materials or waste exchange programs.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of public comment regarding the need  - and specfic suggestions  - on these issues for the 2005 Guidelines.  Short of a regulatory requirement, the Guidelines are very seriously used and applied in the USA.

The process is very much by consensus; a critical mass of comments are needed to even begin to get these issues discussed in the healthcare design arena, with a goal of inclusion.

  1. Please comment either as an expert, experienced individual on these issues, or collectively as an organization
  2. Please be very specific with your comments; the more implementable examples - with case studies either in healthcare or from other industries -  the better
  3. Remember to state the obvious:  why does green matter?, particularly when it currently costs more to include in construction and healthcare is a very up front costs industry with many many other competing needs and very limited and diminishing resources to meet any needs
  4. Please also try and make a connection to indoor air quality issues; these directly relate to infection control which is an important aspect of the Guidelines
  5. Clearly state your expertise/experience/affiliation; the more reputable the responders, the better the case
  6. Send me a copy of your comments, I’m on the revision committee and am working with the few other revision committee members who want green issues added to the Guidelines.  It will be easier for us to figure out a consensus strategy (and our individual comments) if we have a copy of your comments.  
Send your COPY to:

Thanks!  -Stephanie
PS:  Know that the revision process is an 18 month process, so it will be some time before I can report on an outcome!
            Stephanie C. Davis
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