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[GreenYes] Fwd: Nominations for Plastics Environmental Stewardship Awards
Please contact SPE directly for the awards nomination forms.

>From: "Subu Subramanian" <>
>Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 17:57:15 -0500
>The Plastics Environmental Division (PED) of Society of Plastics Engineers 
>(SPE) is seeking nominations for this year's "Excellence in Plastics 
>Impact on the Environment"- 2002 award.  These awards will be presented 
>during the PED's Global Plastics and Environmental Conference (GPEC) on 
>February 26-27, 2003 in Detroit,
>Michigan and will recognize corporations and other institutions that have 
>demonstrated environmental leadership and excellence, through significant 
>achievements in the following categories:
>1)      Environmental Stewardship
>2)      New technologies in materials and processes
>3)      Enabling Technologies in Processes and Procedures
>4)      Emerging Technologies
>The deadline for receipt of all nominations is November 30, 2002.
>Achievements must be commercial or adopted in 2002, to qualify.
>The nominations must contain detailed information regarding the 
>accomplishments and the reason for the nomination. Please submit the 
>nomination form to:
>Society of Plastics Engineers - Environmental Division
>Attention:   Gwen Mathis
>P.O. Box 441
>124 Avenue D, S.E.
>Lindale, GA 30147-0441
>Phone:  800-798-1241      Fax: 706-295-4276
>If you would like to know more about the SPE Environmental Division or 
>GPEC, please visit our web site  or 
>Thank you for your continued support of Environmental Stewardship of 
>Subu Subramanian
>(Awards Chair)
>Phone: 302-239-4953
>Fax: 302-239-0444

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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