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RE: [GreenYes] recycling


Start a program!  Find out from your City solid waste/recycling/sanitation department what the rules are, then talk to the management company for the complex to see what they are willing to do.  They may be exempt from the ordinance because multi-family dwellings are harder to regulate, police, and maintain….


If they are willing to help, or at least give you some space in a common area, you would need to find out who picks up recycling in your area, how often and how much it costs (if anything); you would need to have clearly labeled containers for the materials to be recycled; and you would have to publicize it around the complex, encourage people to participate, make sure the area stays clean, etc.


It’s possible your complex could save money on trash disposal fees if the recycling program does well enough.  Maybe use that as a selling point and use the savings to buy and maintain the containers and the educational materials (flyers, reminders, etc.)


P.S.  What city do you live in?  Maybe someone on the list is familiar with other alternatives in your area.




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I live in an apartment complex in a city that had mandated recycling. but some how the complex doesnt have too?! thats too many people not to be recycling! how can we change that? thanks missy


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