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[GreenYes] air hand dryers vs paper towel
I'd recommend adding a third option.... cloth towels. There are those
designed for public bathrooms that have X yardage rolled up on a feeder roll
- once that yardage has been used, you call the linen company and they come
out with a fresh roll, take away the dirty one, clean and sanitize it. Much
like a diaper service. Thus no direct energy consumption (though more
transportation that air dryers), and no waste (though waste from washing the
towels can't be worse than paper mill waste).

Good luck!
Valerie Carey
Recycling Program Manager
San Francisco Conservation Corps
415/725-6991 (phone)
415/561-2174 (fax)

*   *   *   *
"A house divided will fall. Love divided will multiply."

"Would anyone have facts, suggestions, studies, or contacts to help me
determine whether there is a net environmental benefit to using air hand
dryers in bathrooms (modern units, low power) vs paper roller towel (35%
pre-consumer recycled fibre content)?

The paper towel cannot currently be composted (health issues).

My understanding is that the air dryers are the preferable option from an
environmental perspective.

Many thanks,


Jessica North - Resource Consultant"

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