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[GreenYes] Textile Recycling at curbside?

I wrote a report back in 1997, Weaving Textile Reuse into  Waste Reduction
(available for $15 + S&H).  For more information go to:

The report documents 10 programs that collect textiles at drop-off or
curbside.  The curbside case studies include:  -- Carroll County, Iowa
-- City of Los Angeles/Salvation Army (pilot program that has ended)
-- New Threads Inc., Philadelphia (now out of business)
-- St. Paul
-- San Jose
-- Somerset County, NJ

While the tonnage and cost data in the report are outdated, I think you'll
find our general findings and the operating experience of these programs
useful if you're planning to add textiles to curbside.  Each case study
includes information on materials handled, collection method, end markets,
processing method, costs and benefits, and replicability.  Appendix A
includes sample publicity and outreach materials. The report includes contact
information too, so you can always try to get more recent data.


Brenda Platt

> >Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 17:05:19 -0400
> >From: "Blair Pollock" <>
> >
> >Are there communities other than the Neighborhood Energy Consortium, St
> >Paul collecting textiles at the curb? If so, how much  tonnage & costs,
> >quality  and any other information --processability @ a MRF, etc. thanks.

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