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[GreenYes] On-Line Wizard Calculates Trees Felled For Publications
The Magazine PAPER Project, a partnership of Conservatree, Co-op America,
and the Independent Press Association, has just launched our PAPER Wizard, a
new web-based calculator that offers the opportunity to calculate the number
of trees that are logged as a result of printing any particular U.S.
publication on non-recycled paper. It will also account for the inclusion of
recycled and tree free content. Currently, less than 5% of U.S. magazine
paper has any recycled content, a practice that consumes an astounding 35
million trees each year.

The Paper Wizard [available at] can
present a sophisticated calculation or a close estimate of the trees logged
for any publication, depending upon the level of detail in the publishing
information entered into the Wizard.

Sample calculations have been done by Magazine PAPER staff for leading
publications. Cosmopolitan, which uses 328,577 trees every year, could save
at least 32,858 trees a year by switching to competitively priced recycled
paper offering the same performance as virgin paper. People, which uses
546,134 trees a year, could save 54,613 trees each year; Condé Nast
Traveler, which uses 52,734  trees a year, could save at least 5,273  trees
annually.  National Geographic, which uses 505,819 trees every year,
already saves 2,255 trees annually by using 10% post-consumer recycled paper
for its cover. But it could save an additional 48,552 trees each year if it
used recycled paper for its text pages as well. And higher than currently
common levels of recycled content in the papers could save many more trees -
and forest ecosystems!

The Wizard can also be used to calculate the impact on forests of annual
reports, manuals, voter guides, and much more. We hope you find it helpful!

Susan Kinsella
Executive Director
100 Second Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118
Phone: 415/721-4230
Fax: 415/883-6264

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