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[GreenYes] Biodegradable cups for SolFest 2002


I'm part of the facilities and waste management team for SolFest, 
( a renewable energy and sustainable living festival in 
Northern California.  We're working on making our festival as waste free as 
possible and need some help finding a source of affordable, biodegradable  
paper cups.

Last year we ordered from Biocorps and put all the used cups straight into a 
large compost pile with all the organic and biodegradable waste generated 
during the festival.

Currently we are having problems securing the amount of cups we need for the 
festival.  Of course we are encouraging people to bring their own but need 
to have a signifigant amount on hand for those who ocme unequipped.

Does anyonw have any contacts or ideas for companies doing either cups or 
utensils that are intended for festival use and a trip to the compost pile?

Any ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated!


Paul Rosenbloom

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