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RE: [GreenYes] recycling on university campuses


Recently, ten California colleges and universities were awarded grants totaling $75,000 to help implement recycling collection and outreach programs on their campuses.


The grant program was made possible through a partnership between the Department of Conservation and the California Resource Recovery Association.  "Partnering with the CRRA to help encourage beverage container recycling is a natural fit for the DOC," said Carol Dahmen, California Department of Conservation communications director.


Schools receiving grants include Shasta College, UC Riverside, Santa Monica College, CSU Chico, UC Davis, California Lutheran University, UC Santa Cruz, CSU San Bernadino and CSU Long Beach.  The grants are intended to help schools develop recycling programs that integrate the use of marketing and promotional materials, including those produced under the Department of Conservation's award-winning campaign "It is very encouraging to see colleges and universities taking steps to make recycling part of the campus lifestyle," said Dahmen.


"Large institutions such as colleges and universities generate a significant amount of the solid waste in California," said Alec Cooley, Chair of the California Collegiate Recycling Council, the CRRA technical council that organized and is managing the grant program. "This partnership with the DOC is an exciting opportunity to help these schools develop the model programs that other institutions statewide can follow."


Grant funds will be used to purchase various types of collection receptacles and promotional materials. UC Santa Cruz, for example, plans to purchase "desk-side" recycling bins and provide waste reduction guides for each of the dorm rooms at its Merrill College. Santa Monica College intends to produce reusable multilingual banners and signs to place alongside new  "recycling centers" distributed in prominent locations around campus.  UC Davis will target the Coffee House, a central eatery on campus, by installing three-chamber "Recycled Recyclers" receptacles that include special promotional display boards on top.

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Subject: [GreenYes] recycling on univeristy campuses

Could any of you provide me with your insights regarding the best way to promote on-campus recycling, and initiate such programs?
I have seen programs that use the students (through an environmental group) but of course the administration has to buy in as well... Any input on what approach is successful, how to sustain such a program,  and any examples you could provide would be most appreciated! Thanks!

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