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[GreenYes] Recyclability of household electronics?
I have been accumulating broken telephones, a turntable, televisions and computers for a few years now because I couldn't bear throwing them away.
I know computers and televisions (to some degree) are getting more and more recycling publicity.
As for telephones and turntables, or other miscellaneous electronic household equipment- is there anything in these appliances that anyone would want?  I.e., would a scrap metal dealer have any interest?  Besides contributing to landfill space, is there any negative reason (like hazardous components) to throw them away?
I don't think the plastic is of value to anyone anywhere- it can't be recycled yet, I don't think.  Plastic probably makes up most of these products.  So.....???
Perhaps a worthwhile project for a recycling organization with extra funds (if they exist!) would be to employ skilled labor to fix broken appliances as another landfill diversion option.  If they can't fix it, maybe something else can be made from the materials, and sold as "recycled art".  E.g., clocks made from circuit boards, planters made from plastic parts, etc.
I appreciate any insight on recyclability of subcomponents of household electronics..
Laura Flanigan

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