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<< The bill recognizes that leasing computers is a desirable option so does
not tender the ARF on leased equipment.>>
What happens to the leased computers/CRTs after the term expires?

Terri — I don't know how this aspect will play out. Some companies have mentioned that they sell them aftter the lease runs out. If the lessor got them back and were then to try to landfill them, and the receiving landfill or incinerator were enforcing the law, that landfill (or incinerator) would simply not accept the CRTs because they are, by definition, hazardous waste & not from a household (exempt). Then it would become the lessor's 'problem'.  If the lessee buys the computer at the end of the lease then it becomes the lessess's problem. If it's a small lessee and they bring it to a computer collection in an amount under 5 units/ per quarter, then most local programs will simply accept those CRTs tho the ARF has not been paid. This is just a political and fiscal price to be paid for having the legislation. THe thinking was we'd rather promote leasing by not having the ARF applied to leased equipment as an incentive. We'll basically have to see how this aspect plays out in real life.

The bill enacts an explicit ban on CRTs a couple of years after the ARF, thus further strengthening this position, but current Federal law 'should' suffice.

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