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[GreenYes] GreenYes Kids? - A Poll on our site.
Greetings GreenYes,

If there is enough interest from list members, we might 
be able to have a GreenYes Kids List. The most 
important question is whether there will be enough interest 
from adults and/or activist school-agers from the 
GreenYes list who are willing to participate in the 
list to answer questions from kids.

It should be made clear to kid's list members
that we would be providing assistance 
to kids only as far as giving links, resources and names 
and addresses of people in their area that they may 
contact. We don't want to do their science fair projects 
for them. There may be some fair crossing of lines,
for instance if you are an expert in something and
they want to quote someone for a school paper or a press
release at their school.

With that in mind, please make 
comments and vote at the below URL:

(Note: Please vote _before_ viewing vote results. Due to
a small glitch, you won't be able to vote otherwise.)



To post to the greenyes list,
email to:

Subscription information for
this list is available here:

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